rub a dub dub from the pub to your tub


Once upon a time...some service industry folks who have an insatiable thirst for craft beer decided they wanted to

enter the beautiful community of craft brewers.  A world of ethics, passion, and crafty comrades. But no

one knew how to brew beer! Oh no! Pulling all their skills, prior experience and charisma together...our Beer Soap

was born. What started as an idea, literally blossomed overnight. Thanks in part to the wonderful contacts they made along their journey. Two bartenders, a cook and the biggest beer snob the world has ever known (to a fault), have come together to form Microbrood Inc. A licensed and insured beer drinkin', soap makin', booty shakin'  corporation.  

Micro = small/tiny. Brood = family/tribe.

And a dandy fine play-on-words if you ask us. 

All of our products are homemade and handcrafted in small batches. We work closely with  brew masters to create scents that are complimentary to each individual beer we use in our bars. 

Now although our primary focus is making soap for breweries, we make a hell of a teetotaler line of products as well. Tipsy Gypsy TM. is a line specific to "other" retail locations. Yes, some flavors are made with beer from our friends at Prairie Dog Brewing in Calgary Alberta. But Tipsy Gypsy TM. has the scents that are more hippidy than hoppidy. 

But wait...there's more! We also work with Airbnb's and hotels like Canada's first craft brewery themed hotel... The Drinkle! Expanding our craft to include beard products, hair and skin care. All made with...BEER! So a big shout out to our friends in the community for allowing us to ride your coat tails!  We mean, thank you for welcoming us to the family.

So, "from our little family to yours"...we say to thee...CHEERS!