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Save $16 (or 38%) and help us save the planet 6 bars of soap at a time! We at Microbrood strongly believe that the less waste the better. Also...that sometimes S**T happens! From end pieces, unexpected color variants, dents, dings, bubbles, uneven cuts, underweight’s, to just plain old or discontinued stock.


What you'll get: 6 labeled OR unlabeled, mixed lot of beer and non beer soaps. Some may have character (ugly ducklings), but all are beautiful on the inside. Still made from the highest quality of ingredients, all possessing the same quality of effectiveness as our regularly priced products. And remember, bar soap has a shelf life of around 20 years! FUN FACT!


Idea: Cut them to make guest or travel soaps!


Ingredients: Water or BEER! Saponified Coconut, Sustainable Palm, Avocado and Almond oils, Shea Butter, Natural Colour, Fragrance and or Essential oils.

Nt Wt 65-90g each.


Allergies? Please email us before ordering with any concerns.






Scratch and Dent Sale!